I have always enjoyed a great steak, and the Lava Rock Cooking Company lava set has made me realize how easy and simple it is to achieve great results time after time. Both myself and my friends love the sociability of cooking your own steak the bonus being everyone gets the exact steak temperature they prefer. It has become my go-to piece of equipment when friends and family visit.

Alexandra Palmer

I received one of your Lava Rocks as a birthday gift, and I can say that it has become a fantastic asset in my kitchen. It takes the guess work out of cooking for me and my husband. I know what will be on my list for gifts for friends throughout the year.

Lisa Marks

Just wanted to thank you again for your excellent customer service. Mistakes happen and I understand that so I try not to judge a company too quickly when they happen but I do believe you can tell a lot about a company by how they handle these mistakes. I was very impressed with the timely and generous response I received from lava rock cooking company. We cooked steaks on our rock for Father’s Day and loved them!
Thanks again.

Michael York